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Halo action figures: 7 figures for the movie (part 1)

The new Halo action figure series by Funko is set to arrive in October for $69.99 and is a combination of the original action figures and figures based on other series, including the original Halo.

The series is meant to be the first in a new line of Halo action pieces, and it features a number of different characters, some of which have appeared in the series before.

The figure in question is a member of the Spartan team, and is also part of the “Wounded Warriors” series.

In addition to the new action figure, Funko has added seven figures to the Halo series, with a total of 27 total figures in total.

The Halo series features a lot of characters from previous series, and many of the figures have appeared previously in the franchise, including Spartan-II, UNSC Marine, and others.

The newest addition is Spartan-IIs, a new character introduced in the first two movies and introduced as the Spartan-III.

The Spartan- IIs are one of the most popular figures of the series, appearing in all seven movies, and they have a number a new and familiar faces.

The characters featured in the new figure range from the Spartan IIs to Captain Keyes, who was featured in Halo: Combat Evolved 2.

The figures come with two new modes, Spartan Strike and Spartan Freedom, in which players can choose from a variety of weapons and abilities, as well as an assortment of skins, each with a different appearance.

The new figure line is set for release in October, but there is no word on when they will be available for purchase.

Funko has a ton of action figures for Halo 4, including some of the characters from the original game, as we reported earlier this year.

It is unclear at this time if there will be a new Halo game series.