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Niners battle figures figurative speech for $400

Niners quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s figurative fighting words are getting the attention of his former teammate Michael Bennett.

The 49ers quarterback spoke about the figurative speaking ability of Bennett in a recent interview with NFL Network.

“I like Michael.

I don’t think there’s any other guy that could have that.

I mean, he’s like the most accurate receiver I’ve ever seen.

He’s got a lot of skill and he’s got an ability to talk to you and he can really, really, talk about what he’s going to do.

And I think, obviously, he gets more attention than he deserves.

I think Michael has the ability to be the best player in the world.”

Bennett, who’s also known for his high-pitched rants against the media and a tendency to speak out in favor of his team, was not pleased when he learned that Kaepernick had purchased the figurine of his favorite player.

“Michael Bennett is not a good person,” Bennett said in the interview.

“This is the epitome of a bad man, but I’m not going to get into it.

I’ve been with the 49ers since 2006, and I’ve had my share of bad people, but Michael Bennett is the worst person I’ve seen in my life.

I just don’t get it.”