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The Batman Figures that Changed the Comics Universe

2 major figures from the first film: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman. 

Each one was a significant part of the first Batman movie, and each one has been an important part of DC Comics storytelling for years. 

The third major figure in the Batman movie franchise, and the first of his series, was introduced in Justice League, but his origin was a mystery. 

While the rest of the Batman films were generally a story about Batman’s origins, there were a few instances where the Batman universe expanded and evolved beyond Batman’s origin. 

These included the debut of the Green Lantern Corps, the formation of the Justice League of America, the arrival of Black Adam, and his first solo appearance in the Justice Society of America. 

Today, we examine the three major figures that changed the comics universe in Batman and Superman. 

I’ll be analyzing each of the characters individually, but the gist of each is that they are important to DC Comics history and the stories they have shaped. 

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Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Batman and Robin The first Batman film opened with Bruce Wayne’s parents, Alfred and Martha Wayne, dying. 

This film is often cited as a major influence on the comics, and it’s clear that the film changed the landscape of comic books. 

It was also one of the earliest attempts to introduce a fully fledged supervillain character, and Batman became the first major superhero film to introduce him. 

In this story, Bruce Wayne is a detective in the Gotham City Police Department who is hired by Commissioner Gordon to find a missing boy, which turns out to be a member of the Suicide Squad. 

When Bruce and his partner, Detective John Gordon, are assigned to investigate, the young boy becomes possessed by the Joker and begins to kill people. 

Bruce, who has developed a crush on the boy, is unable to help him, and he soon finds himself drawn into the fight against the Joker. 

As Batman, Bruce fights the Joker, and at one point, the Joker manages to capture Bruce. 

Batman, in a move that was never explained, takes a bullet to the chest, and then falls to his death. 

After the death of his parents, Bruce becomes a supervillains leader, and eventually takes over Gotham City. 

At the end of the film, Batman is still alive, and after his son’s death, Bruce has become the new leader of the Bat-family. 

However, his death comes at a terrible cost to the city. 

A group of young criminals call themselves the League of Shadows, and have taken over Gotham. 

With Bruce Wayne dead, and Gotham in ruins, the League has taken over much of the city and it is now the capitol of the world. 

Meanwhile, the Bat is living a peaceful life with his wife, Batgirl, and their son, Batman. 

Barry Allen (aka Barry Allen) has recently graduated from high school and is taking a job as an electrician in Gotham City, and is hoping to secure a better job. 

He soon meets a woman named Martha, who was his former girlfriend, Martha Wayne. 

They soon have a son, Bruce.

Barry’s job as a utility worker at Wayne Industries is being threatened by the League. 

During a riot, he is killed by a masked Joker who was also working at Wayne’s company. 

Batgirl is investigating a mysterious disappearance, and discovers a diary in the Joker’s locker that details a plot by the Bat to murder the mayor of Gotham City to take over the city for himself. 

And as the city is torn apart, a new Batman, Damian Wayne, appears in Gotham and takes over the police force. 

Over time, the villains become more powerful and more dangerous, and Wayne is forced to fight back, but Batman is defeated. 

On his way to the funeral of the deceased Batman, Batman encounters a woman who is believed to be the daughter of the Joker but who has no memory of her parents. 

She reveals that she has been framed for the murder of Bruce Wayne.

Batman learns of her whereabouts and sets out to capture her. 

Eventually, he finds her and defeats her.

While in prison, Batman falls in love with Batgirl.

She is eventually rescued by Batman, who is surprised that she remembers her parents and the events of their time together. 

Later, Batman decides to become the “Batman of Tomorrow” by returning to the Batcave and creating a super-powered suit, the Batman Suit. 

Together with the rest, he and Batgirl battle crime, solve crimes, and become the world’s greatest heroes. 

Through the course of his adventures, Batman learns that many things have changed in the world and is forced by circumstances to change the course that he is on. 

But the Joker has a plan for