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Black Panther figure sets to go on sale this Friday as part of DBZ figures

Black Panther has a huge fanbase among Marvel fans, and the latest figure to hit stores is one that will bring the character to life in a very different way.

This is the DBZ figure of DBaz.

He’s not a robot, but he is one.

He looks like the villainous villain that will come out in the future, and his costume is a little different from the current versions.

The most striking feature is that the figure looks like it’s been carved from stone.

It’s a nice change of pace from the other figures released recently.

That’s a shame, because the DBaz figure looks amazing.

The head is a nice nod to the character, and it makes him feel like a real character.

The new figures are set to go for a pretty good price at Walmart starting Friday, and you can get yours for $99.99 with a free shipping.

There’s no word on when these new figures will be available to purchase, but we will update this article if and when we do.