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Gender in Irish History

Female figures in Irish history are often considered more “feminine” than their male counterparts.

The Irish Examiner reports the most prominent female figures in the history of Irish history were female politicians, leaders, poets and authors, and they are often viewed as “feminines”.

This includes Joan of Arc, who wrote, “All women are born with an instinctive desire to help others, and the greatest contribution that a woman can make to the human race is in her own right”.

The most famous female figure of Irish politics was Mary Ann Burke.

She was elected as first minister of Ireland in 1797 and became a leader of the party known as the Alliance for Irish Freedom.

Burke was a prominent campaigner against the practice of women’s suffrage in Ireland and was known as a “great advocate of female suffrage”.

Burke’s political career was ended when she was forced to resign in 1804 due to ill health.

She died at the age of 67 in 1820. 

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