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How the ‘Sharknado’ made ‘Sharks’ actor ‘a shark’

(Reuters) The Sharknado is one of the most iconic movies of all time.

As part of an event honoring its 30th anniversary, the movie was held at a Miami mansion in 1997.

The house was named the ‘Kongs’ after a fictional shark species that is native to the city.

A shark has become synonymous with the film, with the title character being the shark himself.

The story of the movie has been written by writer-director and writer-actor Brad Bird, who also served as the voice of the titular shark.

In the story, he is an actor turned writer, but he was a real-life shark.

Bird, a native of Miami, became the youngest person to appear in a mainstream movie in 2003.

Bird’s character is named K.O. for the shark in the movie, which was shot in the Bahamas.

Bird has become a polarizing figure on social media since the movie’s release, with fans criticizing him for being too “cool” and not being as “real” as he is portrayed.

In his new book, The Shark Awakens, Bird shares his story, including how he first got into acting, what inspired him to write the script for the movie and how he went from a “dumb kid” to a “real-life celebrity.” Read more