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How to Get 6 Figures on your Disney Infinity 3.0 Bundle

With a Disney Infinity Bundle, you get 6 figures that can be used in the game.

You can choose to buy each figure individually or with the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Deluxe Edition, which includes four figures.

The bundle is $79.99.

You can find out how to get 6 figure figures on the Disney Store’s page for Disney Infinity3.0.

The figure prices listed on the retailer’s page are the minimums that will go up for each figure in the bundle.

The figures in the Disney Marvel Super Hero Deluxe Edition bundle include:  Spider-Man (2018), Spider-Woman (2019), Iron Man (2019) and Black Widow (2019). 

These figures come with a Marvel Super hero themed webbing, a costume that can transform into an armor and a variety of weapons.

The Spider- Man costume has a costume called Spider- Suit and is available for $89.99, which is slightly more expensive than the $59.99 Spider-Men Spider-suit. 

These two figures come in the Marvel Spider-man Spider-Gwen costume, which costs $99.99 and is unlocked for purchase. 

The Iron Man figure comes in the Iron Man Iron Fist armor, which cost $79, and is also unlocked for $79 when purchasing the Marvel Marvel Superhero Deluxe Edition. 

All 6 figures come packaged with Disney Infinity, which allows you to combine two figures into one to create a team.

Disney Infinity figures come bundled with two Marvel Marvel characters in the Infinity game. 

You can purchase all 6 figures individually for $59 or in the combination with the Marvel Avengers: Infinity War and Marvel Avengers Assemble figures, which comes bundled with six figures.