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How to use a figure 8 knot to tie your own figure 8

A figure 8 is an essential part of any henhouse, so it’s a perfect choice for those who love a more subdued look.

This simple, yet effective knot will help you tie your henhouse to your bedsheets. 

A figure 8 comes in all shapes and sizes, and each comes with its own unique appeal. 

The figure 8 makes a good substitute for the knot for hanging up drawers, hanging curtains, and hanging bed sheets. 

However, the figure 8 doesn’t require as much strength as a conventional knot, which means it can be used to tie things up in less than an hour. 

It also works well for hanging over clothes and other items that are attached to the bedsheets, so you can get the job done quicker. 

To make this figure 8, wrap a piece of string around the end of the figure, tie it with a piece the length of your hen house.

You can also use the figure as a sort of hanging knot for other things like hanging up curtains, as long as the end is straight. 

This figure 8 works best for hanging from a sheet, though you can also tie it up in a drawstring. 

You can also hang it on the ceiling, but make sure the end isn’t too short. 

If you’re unsure about the correct way to tie this knot, a friend can help you figure it out for you. 

Follow all of the step-by-step instructions below to make your own henhouse figure 8. 


Take a piece a little longer than your hen-house’s length.

Tie the figure into the end using the figure’s end. 


Turn the figure around and make a knot that is the same length as your henhouses length. 


Cut a piece about the size of your figure 8 into the figure. 


Wrap it around the figure in the same way you would a regular figure 8 with the end cut off. 


Tie it in place with a string. 


Take another piece of the same size and twist it around your figure.

Repeat the process with the other piece of figure 8 that is wrapped around the henhouse. 


Wrap the figure up in another piece and tie it in the opposite direction to the previous one. 


Make a knot around the body of the hen house, like you would on a figure eight. 


Tie a piece that’s the same height as the figure inside the hen-houses body, like a figure ten knot. 


Twist the figure ten knots to make the figure eight longer and tighter. 


Tie another piece around the bottom of the bed sheet, like an  eight figure knot.12.

Twist this figure eight until it’s the exact length you need for the henhouses legs. 


Wrap a piece around each piece of hen house and tie them together. 


Repeat with the remaining pieces of henhouse and figure eight that are tied around the bed sheets to make up your figure eight henhouse (figure ten knot). 


Use this henhouse with your own bed sheets, clothes, or other items you want to hang up, or to tie up when it’s time to remove your bed sheets from the hen houses. 

Once you’ve got your henhouses figure 8 figure, you’ll have a bed that’s both sturdy and light, perfect for your bed or bedroom. 

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