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I am an actor, but I have a secret life as a man

I am a human being, and I am not just a human.

I am someone who has the capacity to be a man.

I am an actress.

I have a voice, and the ability to be heard in film.

And in that, I am, in many ways, like a feminist.

Theatre actress Anand Patil is a feminist activist.

She says, “I have been a woman in a man’s world for 30 years now.

I was raised in a patriarchal family, and it made me more conscious of my place in that world.

I didn’t want to be just an object, or just a servant, or an object that was always there to serve.”

Patil says she is also an actor who has been part of shows that explore gender and identity.

“Theatre is not just about a certain genre or a certain style.

It’s about the people you’re around, the way they relate to you, and how you relate to them.

When you see a female actor in a film or on screen, it’s because they are the personification of that person,” she says.

The theatre world is full of female actors, including Anil Kapoor, Kailash Satyarthi and Sonal Chokshi, but Patil says there is a lack of visibility in the industry for the people who have come before them.

“There are many actresses who have worked in film, theatre and television.

But there is so much of that film and television that is not visible to the women that came before them, that has yet to be told,” she said.

The director of a new documentary, titled “The Feminist Imperative”, Anil Kaul, said that it is an “urgent call” for women to speak up.

“We have been working on a project called ‘The Feminist Impressions of AnilKaul’, which is about his experiences in a gender-neutral theatre and film.

We wanted to tell his stories, so he can reflect on the feminist ideals that he fought so hard for,” he said.

Kaul said that the film aims to make a film that is accessible for women.

“Our goal is to empower women who have experienced discrimination, but also those who have felt threatened by that discrimination,” he told Al Jazeera.

“We hope that the story of Anila Kaul will inspire and inspire other women to see themselves as strong and courageous, and that they can be proud of their own identities and their own experiences.”

For a complete list of the organisations working on gender equality in the theatre, visit www.womenintheatre.org.