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Kotobukiya’s Action Figures for $19.99 on Amazon are the best ever!

Polygon’s Josh Holmes recently posted an article on Kotobumiya, where he had a chat with the company’s vice president of marketing, who told him that the company had “over 100” orders for the action figures for the upcoming PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Wii U, and PlayStation Vita.

The sales figures, which are all based on “stock-and-trade data”, are for a total of 1,000 of the figures.

Those figures were obtained via a third-party site, and were based on sales through April of last year, which is when the company posted the first batch of the new figures on Amazon.

Holmes also had a look at the figures, and was surprised to find that they are “the best ever” in terms of price.

Holmes said that he had to check the figures by hand, but the figures are all exactly the same size, and are about the same price.

There are only two differences, however, in the design.

There is a small difference in the number of “pockets” on each side of the figure, which will vary depending on the type of action figure.

These pockets are larger than the normal pockets on the original figures, so the figures will have slightly larger pockets.

Additionally, the “sides” of the toys will have the same shape as the original toys, which means that the sides will be slightly smaller than they normally would be.

The figures will retail for $49.99, and come with a pair of interchangeable hands.

Kotobuya’s new action figures are already getting plenty of praise.

In addition to being a solid investment for gamers, the action figure line is also popular with toy collectors.

Kotogamers were especially thrilled by the figures’ price tag, which also made them a bit more affordable than the usual high-end action figures.

Kototobuza has even created a series of 3D printed action figures that can be used to build a custom game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

For $50, you can build a new multiplayer game using a combination of the action-figure line, and other popular games, like Final Fantasy XV.

And for $35, you could build a customized version of the popular PlayStation 3 title The Last of Us.

The line is just the latest addition to the massive collection of action figures made by Kotobukai.

The company’s other titles include a wide variety of figures, ranging from the Star Wars: The Old Republic series, to a set of Pokemon Pikachu figures.

While the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the Pokemon games have been released, Kotobudo’s line of action-figures will be the first ones to get the release on the PlayStation platform.