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‘Neo-Nazis’ will make their mark on anime figures

Neo-Nazis will be joining the growing list of anime figures to be made by the popular Japanese toy company Neotec.

As of today, Neotek will have released a total of 11 figures in the Neo-Nazi line of Neo-Nats, with six of them being from the popular video game franchise The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

Neotek’s line of anime-themed figures includes the Neo Nazi Soldier from The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Neo Nazi Assassin from The Last Guardian and Neo Nazi Samurai from The Warriors.

Neo Nazis are a loose collective of individuals who hold Nazi views, often espousing anti-Semitism, neo-Nazism and racial hatred.

In a statement, Neotaepco said it was “surprised” to learn of the Neo Nazis’ existence and hoped that people would stop the racist actions of their fellow Neo-Nazists.

“Neotec has a long history of producing high quality figures of Japanese heroes and villains, and we’re deeply concerned about the actions of Neo Nazis,” the company said.

“The Neo Nazis in this video are representative of the group’s ideology and have no place in our company.

The company is working to investigate these Neo- Nazi figures and will take the appropriate measures to stop their presence.”

In addition to Neo Nazis, the Neo Nazionist line of figures features a female Neo Nazi from Final Fantasy XV.

Neotaep said it had received a number of inquiries from gamers about the Neo Nats figures, and the company is also working with law enforcement to identify Neo Nots who are involved in criminal activity.

NeotoNazi figures will be available to buy on Neotep’s website from December 18, with a limited number available for pre-order.