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The ‘Fairy Tail’ Figurines of Legend: All of the Figures, Parts and Sculptures from the Original Anime

In a move that will make a number of the figures in the series look even more spectacular, the creators of the anime series “Fairy Tales” have released all of the figma figures from the anime, including the Fairy Tail figures, from the original anime series.

The figures are all made by Takara Tomy of the famous “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” series, which is a franchise that began in 1989.

The first series is now the fourth most-watched anime series in the world.

They’re also the only anime series that’s made it past two seasons on the Tokyo MX.

To celebrate the occasion, Takara is offering the figure sets at a special price of ¥3,800, and the company also includes a bonus pack of 20 of the items for ¥1,800.

You can find all of them below, and if you want to get a closer look at the figures, they’ll be available on August 15. 

The new set includes all the main figures from both the anime and the original series.

Takara’s new figures include Fiamma (pictured right), who is an Elf who’s been around since the first series and is a member of the Knights of the Round Table.

His signature hair is the same as the original one, but the new hair adds an additional layer of realism to his face.

Fiams face is also a lot more detailed than his original version.

In fact, the new design includes a much more detailed head, and a lot of detail is added to his clothes and accessories.

Fia is a magical girl with a magical sword named Fiam’s Sword, and is in charge of protecting the castle and protecting the people of Fairy Tail.

Her hair is also different from her original appearance.

It’s a light purple, and her hair is much shorter.

And then there’s Lancer, a fighter who was a knight in the original version of the series, but was killed off by the main character.

His hair is a light blue, but he has a long hair tied back in a ponytail.

The rest of the new set comes with three different versions of each of the original Fairy Tail characters, as well as a new version of Fiam, Fia, and Lancer.

The new version is the only one that includes the character of Gollum, and he’s also not in the same costume as the others.

The original costume is the one that’s worn by Fiam and Fia.

The costume for Lancer is a different one that is more appropriate for the new costume.

For those who are interested, here’s what you’ll need to know about the new sets.

Each of the three new figures in this set comes packed with a bonus piece that can be bought separately for ¥3 in the store.

The bonus item comes with a different head piece for each of these figures.

Takara also includes an accessory that is only available in the new figure sets: a hat that has the words “Fancy Dolls” printed on it, which translates to “Doll Dolls.”

This is a new accessory that can only be bought by those who purchase the figure set, and it can be customized to any of the other characters in the sets.

Each of the figurines is made of PVC and can be molded into the original form.

Takaya is also releasing new figures of characters from the “Fantasyland” and “Tales of Symphonia” series in this bundle.

The “Funny Doll” figure is a female version of Gajeel, the main antagonist in “Fruit” from the Fairy Tales series.

She’s also a new addition to the “Tale of Symptomons” set, which will include a “Spirited Away” figure.