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When is the next time a black person will be on the cover of Sports Illustrated?

When is it?

Black history figures will appear on the covers of Sports Inc. magazines beginning April 2, and will be a part of the first installment of the Sports Illustrated series, The Black History Issue.

The Black history issue will also feature contributions from renowned African-American writers such as George Saunders, E. L. Doctorow, Toni Morrison, Michael Jordan, and author Michael Jordan.

The book will also include a special section devoted to the Black experience and the stories of Black men and women who have shaped the modern sports landscape.

It’s a story of race, and the rise of sports and the Black athlete. 

“The black athlete has always been the epitome of excellence.

It has always had a unique place in the sports world,” said ESPN president and CEO John Skipper.

“I think the book is a great illustration of that and how the black athlete is part of that.”

ESPN will also publish a black athlete-themed feature article in Sports Illustrated, with the first two articles to appear on June 1 and June 7.

The magazine’s current cover, a black woman in a bathing suit, will remain in place.

“We want to build on the incredible legacy of African-Americans in sports,” said Skipper, “so we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our legacy of excellence in sports, and we wanted the next book to reflect that.”

The new issue will include a section dedicated to the “Black Experience” section, which will feature contributions by sports historians and cultural anthropologists.

This section will include contributions by people who have been involved in sports and their legacy.

This is the first time Sports Illustrated will feature an African-american author in its current book, which features contributions from many of the same authors who also contributed to the magazine’s cover, including the late Michael Jordan and the late NBA great Bill Russell.

The “Black experience” section will also explore the contributions of African Americans to sports history, including Jackie Robinson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and Wilt Chamberlain.