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Which Mario figures do you need to know about?

The latest Mario figure, the Zero Two Figure, is no stranger to a wide range of different uses, but it’s the latest to offer a figurative language.

The Zero Two figure features the same face as Mario himself, but instead of Mario’s hat, there’s a head and a body.

The head features an arrowhead that leads to a glowing green flower, while the body is a figure that has the same head, body and hands as Mario.

As far as figurative meanings go, the head of the Zero One figure is a green flower with the same red flowers that were on the head and body of the previous Zero Two.

In other words, it’s a symbol of the two worlds.

But while the Zero Zero One Figure doesn’t actually feature Mario’s head, the figure does show him having his own hair.

This time, the hair is blue and he wears a hat.

As a bonus, the heads have two sets of hands instead of just one.

The figures have also been dubbed “Zero Zero Two” and “Zero Two Zero One”.

The Zero Zero Two Figures are currently available at retailers such as Toys”R”Us, Target and GameStop, and the Zero-Zero One figures are available at Best Buy and Target.

The other two figures are a version of the original Zero Two, which features Mario in a green hat with the blue flowers, and a version with Luigi’s hat with no flowers, a symbol that appears to be a nod to the original Mario.

Both figures are also available in sets of three.

The Mario figures are priced at $19.99 each, while all of the other figures are $34.99.

There are also two different versions of the figures in different colors, which are currently not available.