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Why Disney is trying to make figures for its kids’ shows

On the heels of the recent news that the family entertainment giant is looking to revive its animated film library with figures, it seems that Disney has also been testing out some new toys to be sold in its line of family entertainment.

A new line of action figures, figures and dolls from the toy maker has been released, and it appears that Disney is not alone in testing out new toys for its popular films.

In recent weeks, it has also made several new figures, which are designed to look like characters from Disney films, and are based on Disney characters from both the past and present.

Disney released a new line based on the character Aladdin from the film, The Jungle Book, on February 3.

Aladdin has since become one of the most successful characters in Disney history, selling more than 1.6 billion toys worldwide.

The company has been releasing figures of various other characters, including Pocahontas, Princess Jasmine, Elsa, Jasmine and Rapunzel, as well as more obscure Disney characters.

The new figures are based off of characters from various Disney films.

The new line is not based on any specific film, but rather the characters are based upon their character’s likenesses.

The latest figure in the line, known as the ‘Aew Action Figure’, comes with a wide-angle lens and is based on Aladdin.

The character’s head is tilted to the side, making him look more like Aladdin than any other Disney character.

Aladdin’s face is covered with long black hair and he wears a white and green striped costume.

The doll is based upon Aladdin’s costume.

The dolls come with three interchangeable hands, one of which is shaped like a sword, which is supposed to be used to swing the figure’s head.

The ‘AEW Action Figure’ comes with three hands and a sword.

The head of the figure is tilted forward, so that the doll’s eyes and mouth move up and down.

The figure also has two sets of hands, which can be used for various tasks.

The toys come in two versions: a standard doll that is 7.5 inches tall and comes with an extra leg and two hands, and a “Aew” version that is 3 inches tall.

The Aew Action Figures are based out of a 3-inch-tall figure of Aladdin made by Hasbro, which comes with two extra arms, and comes in a silver and black finish.

The figure comes with four interchangeable hands.

The hands are designed so that you can use the hands for a variety of tasks.

AEW Action Figures come in black and silver, and feature a red dot on the back of each hand to denote their position.

The two versions of the dolls come in a white version and a silver version, which feature an orange dot on each hand.