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Why do you love the internet? It’s like an art form

What does it mean to love the web?

And is there anything wrong with that?

And why do people love to hate it?

The internet has changed the world, and there’s nothing wrong with it, argues Dr. Abhinav Mukherjee, an assistant professor at New York University and author of The Art of Hate: The Art and Science of Understanding the Internet, and How It Affects Us.

He also teaches at Harvard University.

“The internet is the greatest tool we have for understanding ourselves, and that it can also be a powerful tool for creating new worlds, which is why it is such a powerful platform for communication, innovation and discovery.”

We’ve all felt the power of the internet in our lives.

We’re used to it, and it’s been part of our lives for a long time.

It is something that we love to use, and to be able to connect to people who share our same ideas, ideas that we can all get behind.

It’s also something that people feel compelled to talk about, and this is what I think has motivated this passion and this fascination with the internet, Mukheree told The New York Times.

“We are now in a world where we are not able to go back and look at things as they were in the past, but we can go back in time and recreate things from the past.”

That’s what happened to Facebook.

As a child, Mukerjee used to go to his parents’ house in New Jersey to visit his grandmother.

But his grandmother died in 2005.

“I was in a moment of grief,” Mukherji told the Times.

He and his parents were left with nothing.

“My parents did not know how to cope,” Mukerji told them.

They made their own way through the internet.

Mukherjie used to have to go online to find answers.

Now, his life is completely online.

“Now you can ask your grandparents questions, or you can find a movie or a news article,” Mukhee said.

He loves to tell people how he grew up, how he was educated, how his parents raised him, how the internet helped him in life.

“And the fact that he is able to share that in such a way that he doesn’t have to feel guilty about it,” Mukhirjee said, “makes me happy.”