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Why ‘Naruto’ action figures are so popular in the UK

The first “Naruto” figures are on the shelves in the U.K. and are selling like hot cakes, with collectors spending £15 to £30 on each.

There’s also an international version coming in the next few weeks.

The Japanese character has been the focus of intense media attention, with fans tweeting about their “Narutobi” collectibles and even an online poll that ran on Twitter asking if there were enough of them to fill a large stadium.

That same poll was quickly removed after being reported as a hoax.

This is the same Japanese figure that the U:I series of figures have been collecting for a few years now.

The figure comes with a variety of accessories and includes a stand.

It also has a “Naruttobi” tag.

In fact, the “Narutorobi” figure has been collecting since 2011, according to a BBC report from 2010.

Naruto has been one of the biggest success stories for the Ukiyo-e series of toys.

They’ve sold over 4.6 million units worldwide.

The figures are now sold in almost 70 countries and in over 50 countries and territories.

The Ukiyoe series has become a worldwide hit.

The “Naru” figures were originally launched in 2013.

The Uki yo-eyo series followed.

There’s a new “Narutei” series coming soon, with a similar design.

“Naruto,” the latest toy line, has been selling well, as have other Uki Yo-eyos, including the “NARUTO” series, which are aimed at kids.

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