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2nd generation figure skating game coming to PS Vita and PS4 (Thanks, @nintendogaming)

Posted August 23, 2018 10:24:31One of the most well-known titles in the new year is coming to PlayStation 4 and PS Vita in 2018.

It is called Legend of Grimrock.

The latest instalment in the popular Legend of Zelda franchise is set to come to the PS4 and PS5 consoles this year and in 2020.

Nintendo is releasing a Legend of Soul Reaver HD on the PS3 and PSVita, and in 2016, it was also announced that a new Legend of Mana title will be released on PS3, PSV, PS4, and PSX in 2020 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

There’s a new Nintendo 3ds title on the horizon for 2018.

Nintendo 3DS title will launch for the Wii U and NX in 2020, the company has confirmed.

Nintendo 3ds games, such as Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Mario Kart 7, will also be released for the Switch, Nintendo says.

Nintendo and Microsoft have confirmed that a PS4 version of the Legend of Souls Reaver is coming, and the game is scheduled for release in 2019.

The game has not yet been announced.

Nintendo also announced the first trailer for Legend of the Grimrock, which will appear on Nintendo eShop and on YouTube.

The game has been developed by the popular developers at NIS America, which is based in Chicago, Ill.

NIS USA is also the studio behind the classic Legend of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

Nintendo has not announced an exact release date for Legend, but it is expected to be released by the end of 2020.