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‘Baby Yoda’ figure is a figurative definition of ‘hisoka’, a baby deity figure with his head blown off

The figure, which was made by Canadian toy maker Figural Creations, is part of a series of figurative figurative figures that will be released this summer by Canadian retailer Toys R Us, the company announced Friday.

The toy company will also be selling an original, limited edition figurative statue of the deity figure made by Japanese toy company Tetsuya Takagi.

“The figurative figure of Baby Yoda is a part of an ongoing line of figures that celebrate his unique character, and it is one of the most enduring figures in the world,” said Marc-AndrĂ© Deschamps, president and CEO of Toys R U. “We are thrilled to be part of this special family of figures, and we are thrilled that our loyal fans can take advantage of them.”

Baby Yodas head was blown off in the 1989 movie, “Return of the Jedi,” and his body was reconstructed by a Canadian sculptor and is made from resin, according to Toyko.com.

Toys R Us says the figure is designed to be an all-around toy, and has an interchangeable head, arms, legs and torso.

It will be available from July 15 through September 30 at Toys R US, the online retail chain.

It is expected to sell for $29.99 and be available in the U.S. and Canada, Toys R USA says.

The figurine of Baby Yu is not the only one being produced this year.

Toys R Canada announced Friday that the company is releasing a “Baby Yudaboy” figure.

The baby figure is modeled after Yoda, a character from the Star Wars universe who was a recurring character in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Toshiba, the Japanese company behind the toys, said the new figure is “inspired by the film, and based on the original concept.”