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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is ‘the biggest, most controversial, biggest story of the century’

From a first glance, Harry Potter’s second book, The Cursed Child, is one of the biggest, the most controversial stories of the 20th century.

But with a new adaptation of the children’s book due to hit cinemas in September, the film is also shaping up to be the biggest story in British cinema history.

And if you’ve read the book and its accompanying movie, you’ve already seen what the final product will look like.

“It’s the most anticipated and most talked about story of our generation,” says writer/director J.K. Rowling.

“You’re going to see a huge number of people talking about it.”

The film’s story is told through the eyes of a pair of teenagers – Harry Potter, a young boy and his magical friends, and their cousin, Ginny Weasley.

Their love of reading and the thrill of adventure they have at first spark a friendship, but then they begin to clash.

Rowling, whose novels have sold more than 50 million copies, said her aim with the adaptation was to “keep the spirit of the original book alive”.

“I want to give the readers what they want, which is a feeling of adventure and adventure-sensation,” she says.

“They’re going for something a little bit different.”

Rowling is known for her creative freedom, so it’s no surprise that the film she co-wrote and directed with her brother, director Christopher Lee, is different.

“There’s a lot of freedom in terms of the story, and that freedom comes from writing and directing a movie,” she explains.

“I don’t have to worry about any of that.

It’s all very creative.

I know that there are people who are going to be disappointed with the film.

But the book’s been such a huge success, and I think that’s one of its strengths.”

There are many aspects of The Cursed Children that the book did not fully capture in its original version.

In the film, the characters do not speak English, for instance, and it is not the same in every scene.

Rowling says the film takes some liberties with her original novel, but says that this was the best film the authors had written.

“We tried really hard to keep the spirit and spirit of Harry Potter alive,” she tells me.

“But we’ve got to be careful not to take any of it away.

The book’s not really the book.”

And while Rowling was able to tell the story in three films – The Chamber of Secrets, A Christmas Carol and A Day in the Life – she says the biggest challenge was making the books so fully immersive that people can’t be bothered to watch the movies, especially if they haven’t read them.

“If you’re going in with a big movie in your head and you’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie before, it’s very hard to understand the story,” she said.

“So it’s a real challenge to create something that is like a movie.

You can’t just walk into the room, sit down and sit down, and sit there and think, ‘What’s going on?'”

The Cursed children’s books have sold in more than 80 countries.

Rowling is one lucky person who has a film project coming out this year.

In September, her film adaptation of The Little Prince, about a boy who loves animals, will be released in China, the US and the UK.

It will be made by Warner Bros, a studio that has a long-standing relationship with Rowling.

She says the studio is thrilled to be working with her on this film project, which she says is “a real honour”.

The Cursed child, by the way, is a very well-known children’s series.

Rowling has described it as “the most popular children’s story of all time”.

“It has become one of our best-selling children’s novels.

It was the first book of its kind, and the first children’s novel, and people really loved it,” she told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme.

Rowling also said that her adaptation will have “an incredibly strong, compelling storyline”, adding: “The story itself is the best of the books.

It has a lot going on.”

It will have a very strong, convincing story that has the children in peril and Harry, a boy, trying to save them.

Rowling will be joined by director Lee, who is known in the British film industry for his work on The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Harry Potter series.

Lee has been nominated for eight Academy Awards and is one part of a group of directors who include John McTiernan, Jonathan Demme, Ridley Scott, Robert Richardson and Chris Columbus.

Rowling was a part of the film team that helped to write the novel that spawned The Goblet of Fire, and also the book that led to the Harry Potter franchise.

She also starred in the movie adaptation of A Christmas Story, and directed