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What the heck is the cool action figure thing?

It’s one of those things that’s only a few years old, but it’s been going strong for some time.

The Cool Action Figures line is the biggest and most well-known line of the toy line, and they’ve made a career out of making them.

But that’s not all.

The line also includes a whole host of accessories, toys, and figures.

Some of the coolest things are still out there.

Read on to see what you need to know about these cool accessories.

The first thing you’ll notice is that there’s a huge number of cool action figures on the shelves.

That’s because many of the toys are very similar, but with a few minor differences.

Here’s a look at a few of the most popular toys in the line: The coolest toy in the Cool Action Figure line is probably the one you might have seen most recently, the “Sonic Adventure” series.

This particular toy is based on the classic Sonic game series, and it’s a bit different from the rest.

This toy is essentially a robot with a robot mouth, but the toy is still essentially a “skeleton” figure, complete with a helmet.

The reason it’s called a “Spartan” is that Sonic is the “savior” of the group, and his body has a shield around his neck.

The armor around his torso is also more reflective.

The figure has an orange helmet with a blue visor, a black mask with a red visor and a black cape, and two black hands with a black tip.

The red color scheme also makes the toy more intimidating than most of the other toys.

This is the Sonic Adventure 3 action figure, with the cape and helmet attached.

The toy comes in a white, black, and orange color scheme.

The arms and torso are made of translucent plastic, and the helmet has a white stripe on the sides and is made out of metal.

The face is made of plastic with red paint, and there’s some detail on the eyes and nose.

The mouth is made up of plastic and has an open mouth with a slit in it, with some light pink coloring on the corners.

The cape has some black lines on it, but no markings on the front.

The hands have pink coloring, and an orange tip.

The figures have a nice-looking design, with a simple metallic finish on the metal, along with a white-on-black-and-black color scheme on the legs and the front of the figure.

The arm is made entirely of plastic, with red, blue, and yellow markings, along the edges.

The feet are made out by attaching them to a plastic piece with metal and some black markings.

The torso is made from plastic, but has a plastic shell and some brown markings.

The arms and back of the Sonic 3 toy are made entirely out of plastic.

The head is made mostly of plastic for some of the lines, and has black lines around the eye and the mouth.

The back of this toy has a black stripe on one side, and some red markings on both sides.

The top part of the head is plastic and the bottom part is metal.

There are some pieces of metal that protrude out of the back of these arms.

The Sonic 3 figure has a red paintjob on the arms and front of his torso, with yellow and orange markings.

His face is green and has some orange on the lower half.

The legs and head have pink markings, but don’t have any markings on them.

These Sonic 3 action figures come with a “Super Sonic” action figure.

They are based on a different character from the classic game series.

The Super Sonic action figure has red markings, orange hands, and black feet.

It also has an “S” in the middle of its name.

This figure also comes with a cape, a helmet, and a helmet with black markings on it.

Here’s a Sonic 3 “Sketchbook” action toy.

It has a metal shell, but not a white one.

You can also get a Sonic 2 toy, which is based more on a more realistic version of the classic hero.

The Sonic 2 figure is based mostly on the original Sonic, with his signature orange cape, red eyes, and red gloves.

It comes with orange and black markings, and comes with the “super Sonic” toy.

Now, the Sonic 2 figures are the most expensive, and you might expect the prices to increase.

In fact, they did for the first few years of the line, but that was when the line’s creator, Mattel, decided to give it a makeover.

That included some new parts and the addition of a new color scheme and figure, and so it’s now available for the least expensive figure of the series.

Here are some more prices for some older figures in the series, if you want to see if they’ve changed in the last few years: ┬áSonic