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Why I bought a new Xbox One X: I’m excited about gaming, but I’m worried about my gaming console’s storage capacity

The Xbox One is going to get a new update to the platform in February that will bring the Xbox One S and Xbox One Elite models up to date, Microsoft has confirmed.

This update, which will be called Xbox One Pro, will be rolled out across the Xbox family as part of a two-year, $600 upgrade.

It will add more storage space to the Xbox 360, but will also enable games to be streamed from the cloud.

Microsoft has also confirmed that the Xbox will be the first console to support 1080p video playback on Xbox One.

This is a major improvement for gamers, and should make playing the latest AAA games like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Batman: Arkham Origins even more enjoyable.

It’s not clear yet when the update will be available to download, though Microsoft did say it will be out “in the near future”.

Microsoft will also update its own Xbox Live subscription service to make it easier for gamers to keep their subscriptions active.