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Spiderman figure workout

This week’s issue of National Review features a Spiderman figurine figure workout.

In it, a young Peter Parker wears a pair of Spiderman boots while playing basketball with his sister, Gwen Stacy, at their family home.

The workout is a parody of the popular video game Spiderman: Homecoming.

As part of a “spidery-themed” workout, Spiderman uses his webbing to perform a high-kicking motion.

When the basketball player grabs the hoop, the spider jumps onto it and sprawls its web around the ball, launching it at the player.

When Spiderman grabs the ball in the process, he can use his web to create a spider web.

Spiderman can also do a spin jump that creates a spider-like web around himself.

Spider-Man also uses a spider arm to perform the “spiral jump,” where he jumps off the basketball to create more spider webbing.

The Spiderman workout video features a different Spiderman, and the Spiderman who wears the Spider-man costume is named Gwen.