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What is an hourglass?

6:45 PM: Two days ago, a tweet from @Sina_Mensah read: “It’s an hour glass!

You will not be able to see the figures without one.”

That tweet came from a source who goes by the name of @KosherBlessed.

He’s an Israeli man who goes under the name @SuraBless.

I spoke with him and he told me he made the hourglass out of wood and that he bought it from a friend in the U.K. He was in Israel this past week, but was not available for comment.

He told me the figure skaters he created are about 6 feet tall and weigh about 130 pounds.

He said that he had spent three days creating the figureskates and that one of them was the largest he’s ever made.

At the end of my conversation, I asked him if the figure skate was still in the shop.

“Yes,” he said.

“The original one is still there.”

Kosher Blessed told me that the figure skating has been the biggest hit of his life.

I asked if he thought the figure was worth the price of admission.

“Of course,” he told my translator.

“I’ve seen it and I’ve heard about it.”

“It’s amazing,” I told him.

I then asked if the people who make the figures for the hour glass are the same people who put them up.

He didn’t respond.

When I asked about the people making the figures, he said he had some people coming to visit the shop every day to get the figures.

“I think people think it’s just an idea, but it’s a very real thing,” he explained.

In an interview with The Times of Israel, the owner of the shop, Shlomo Katz, said that it is “a very good idea.”

He added that the figures are sold to other people in Israel, who sell them to customers at a later date.

He also told me there is no official price tag.

“If it’s worth 10,000 shekels ($1,100) then the customers are buying it,” he wrote.

However, according to the tweet, the shop has been “ruined” and has been taken over by the people that were making the figure Skates.

“When the shop is full, I’ll just give up and take them,” the tweet read.

The owner of SuraBlight also told my interpreter that he was not aware that he and the figure makers were breaking any laws.

“This shop is not illegal.

If you do something illegal, I will do it, too,” he replied.

Kirschler added that he has no idea why the figure has been banned.

Asked if he would consider selling his figure skated figure at a discount, he told the interpreter that yes, he would.

“That’s the way I look at it,” Kirschler said.

On Instagram, @Sara_Kirschl tweeted: “I just want to say that I am happy that I got my figure skater at the hour.

It’s so cool.

My friends and I love it!” 

The figure skating company is based in Tel Aviv.

A spokesperson for SuraBrights did not respond to my questions about whether they have any rules about selling figures to people outside of Israel.