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What’s the deal with the zero two figure? Goku’s robot has gone nuts in the new figures

GOKU, the GOBLIN villain from the upcoming animated series GOBLINS, has been given an official black figure, making it the first GOBLINE character to have his own figure.

The figure, which is made of a black plastic, is meant to represent the “zero two” character in the series.

The first two episodes of GOBLEN, which debuted in July 2017, will feature Goku battling his nemesis, the mysterious, deadly Goblin.

In addition to the official figure, Goku is also going to be getting a special figure.

It will feature a new version of his Goblini costume with the figure in the center, with his GoBLIN insignia in the background.

The GoBLINS figure, made by Funko, will be available at select retailers across Australia, New Zealand and the US.

The GOBLINA figure, from Funko and based on the original concept art, will also be available in the same colours.

It is currently not known if the figure will also feature a black head and a black mask.

The official GOBLINC figure, meanwhile, will debut on October 4th in Japan.

It features the GoBLINE emblem, a red-orange, green-yellow and blue-black colour scheme.

It has a 6cm (2.9 in) tall (180mm) figure, with GoBLINO in the foreground, with a GoBLINC emblem in the middle and the GO BLIN logo in the lower left-hand corner.

The goku figure, based on GoBLin concept art and released in 2016, features the same design as the figure above, but with a new GoBLINA emblem and new head, which has a GoBBLIN symbol on it.

The latest GOBLINK figure will be released in the US on November 13th.