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How to be a cartoonist

The American cartoonist and illustrator Ken Watanabe is known for creating some of the most recognizable cartoon characters in the world, from the iconic “Wonder Woman” to “The Flintstones.”

Now, he’s set to create a new character for the company that would make him the face of the company’s latest figures line, with a series of figurative language figures that would use his own words to communicate their meaning.

The company will release its new line of figures at the end of February, and there’s a new line in the works that includes the recently announced “Wonder Boy” figure, which is essentially the “Wonder Girl” figure but without the girl’s costume.

It also includes a new “Superman” figure and “Batman” figure.

“Wonder Boy,” a red, red, yellow, yellow-and-black figure with a red helmet and cape, will be released on February 19.

The “Supergirl” figure will be available February 28.

“The Flash” figure is due in March.

“Justice League” figures will arrive in April, and “Justice Society” in June.

While the company will still release its “Superboy” figure as a limited edition, it will be priced at $99.99, and will feature a blue, green, white, red and black “Super” face.

It will be limited to only 100 pieces.

“Justice League,” the first Wonder Boy and Wonder Girl figure, will also be available for $99, with “Justice,” the second “Wonder Man,” and “Wonderwoman” figure set to follow in May.

The upcoming “Justice Leaguer” figure comes with a “Wonder” face on its chest.

“Batman” and “Superwoman” will also receive new releases on March 31, with the latter being a new figure.