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Predator action figures, 5 figures from a ‘predator culture’

With the release of the new Predator action figure line, a new generation of fans have finally found their favorite Predator characters in the form of new figures.

The newest figures feature Predator hunter figures, including the Predator, Predator 2, Predator 3, Predator 4, Predator 5 and Predator 6.

And they come with plenty of other cool Predator accessories, too.

Predator action-figure line will feature Predator action characters (photo: National Geographic)A Predator action figurine (Photo: National Geographics)A new Predator figurine.

A Predator 3 figure.

A new Predators 5 figure.

A new Predator 6 figure.

The Predator 3 and Predator 5 figures are the first to be released since the release in 2018 of the Predator 3 action figure, which was released with the Predator 5 figure, but was subsequently discontinued.

This series is meant to be the “premier” action figure series for the new line.

While these new action figures are great additions to the Predator line, we’re excited to see more Predator action toys coming to market in the future.

We hope that these new figures are just the start of more Predator figures for fans to get their hands on.

We’ll be bringing you more news about Predator action line and more Predator accessories as they become available.

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