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This creepy, dark, and wonderful Halloween toy was created by a young boy, but it’s not all it’s cracked up to be

This creepy Halloween toy that’s been selling for months on Amazon has become the new best-seller of all time, according to the Guinness World Records.

The Horrifyingly Cute, Terrifyingly Creepy Toy of the Year is a clay figure of an infant that appears to be lying on its back, covered in black, with a hand covering its face.

The figure, which was created using clay, was sold in Canada for $50, and in the U.S. for $100, according in Guinness World Record documents.

“It was a fun little Halloween toy, and I’m happy to say that it has a whole lot of heart,” said one reviewer, who identified himself only as “Mandy.”

“The creepy, creepy part of me just wants to hold the clay and scream, ‘Honey!

I want to get my hands on your hands!'”

“There is something about it that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable.

It is a very creepy toy, but that’s the fun part.

The creepy part is that it’s an infant, and it’s made with clay.

I’m just happy that I can get my own hands on it!”

“Horrifying, creepy, but fun.”

The toy is available for $10, but its real-life price was never revealed.

Its creator, an Ottawa-based photographer, said the toy was inspired by a childhood nightmare.

In November, he created the figure by placing a hand over the face and using a clay figurine to make the infant stand up.

The clay figure was later given to his mother, who, in turn, placed the clay figurines on her own back.

A month later, the baby, which is approximately 4 inches tall, was placed on top of the figure.

According to the World Records, this figure is one of the most popular products ever created by an American artist.

While the toy’s popularity has led to a lot of sales, the company has also been criticized by some parents.

This toy has been called “horrifying,” “creepy,” and “truly disturbing,” according to a Facebook post that had more than 25,000 likes as of Monday morning.

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