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What’s next for Pixar after the arrival of the new film Cars?

4.1.2015 – 5.5.2015 Pixar is finally getting back to work after a hiatus.

The studio’s first film after the disastrous Ratatouille and Cars 2 films was released on February 1, 2015.

It’s not the only Pixar film to be out on release day, though, as Cars 3 is slated to be released in 2019.

While Pixar is getting ready to get back to their normal schedule of releasing a film on a monthly basis, there’s a new movie coming out that will be the focus of our next article.

The new Cars movie, Cars 3, is expected to be the studio’s second film after Ratatoukie and Cars 1.

It will take place in 2019 and follow the same story line as Ratatoupie and the sequels, but it will be set in 2019 with a more contemporary style.

The new film will also be released alongside Cars 2 and 3.

It is expected that this new film is the first Pixar film that will have a female lead.

Cars 3 will be directed by Josh Trank, who is currently working on a number of other projects including The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Secret Life of Pets.

It is likely that Trank will be able to bring some of his best ideas from Ratatoulis and Cars to Cars 3.

Trank is known to be a huge fan of the Ratatook series and has also been making his own animated movies for the last few years.

However, he will also have a lot of new challenges to face in terms of storyboarding, music, and editing.

Pixar has not yet confirmed if Trank or his partner Josh Gad will produce Cars 3 but it’s clear that the film will feature some new faces.

In the new Cars, the protagonist, Riley, will be voiced by Ellie Kemper.

This will be her first starring role outside of Ratatatouilles and the original Ratatoll.

There’s a lot more to this new Cars film than just Riley, though.

It seems that there will be new characters introduced in Cars 3 including:A young female officer named Margo, a female police officer named Molly, a young black man named Travis, a woman named Mandy, and a young girl named Riley.

Margo, Molly, and Travis are a bit of a twist on the usual Ratatolls that we’ve seen in Ratatrolls and Ratatouchy, but this time they are female and have a very different relationship to Ratat.

It sounds like Riley and Margo have very different personalities and they will play off each other a bit more.

Riley will also travel to the future where she will work with a bunch of characters including a dog named Taz.

Riley will also meet up with a dog called Taz’s dog, which sounds like it will play a bigger role in this film.

I also like the fact that Mandy is a little older than Riley and is more of a sister than a friend.

Finally, Mandy will also play a role in Cars 2.

Predictably, Riley’s character will be played by Kristen Bell, who has been a regular in the Ratats since Ratatouched.

Bell is known for her work in films like Jurassic World and Wonder Woman and has a huge amount of potential to make a big impact in the future.

Bell will play Riley’s mother, Annalise, a character who has a lot to do with her character and will play an important part in the story.

With Riley and Annalisa in the film, Cars will have to deal with some big problems that the Rataters are facing in 2019:Riley’s mother Annalises mother Annalaise is one of the most important characters in the entire Ratatrouille series.

The Ratatoughs have been fighting the forces of evil for decades, and their last hope is Annalize.

Annalise was created by a scientist named Annalish, who was able to see the future in the form of the human race and was the first to predict that humans would eventually have a planet-sized city on their doorstep.

Annalis father, Annala, was able only to predict this and died before Annalie’s birth.

Despite Annalies father’s death, Anna had a vision of her daughter, and she was able at some point to communicate with Anna’s spirit.

She was able then to guide Anna into being the city’s first mayor, who became the leader of the city.

Annalis death will also come into play with a new character introduced in the new movie, the female detective called Kari.

Kari is an alien who has escaped from Earth and will try to get to the planet where Annalisha is living and help her with