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Which Gundam figures are your favorites?

By the time we hit the end of the month, you’ll have a better idea of which figures are worth checking out as well.

With this in mind, here are a few of our favorite Gundam figures from the past month.

The first thing you need to know about the Gundam franchise is that they’ve been around since 1964, making it one of the longest running sci-fi franchises in history.

The first series was released in 1964, and is now widely considered the definitive Gundam franchise.

While most Gundam fans don’t mind seeing characters from previous Gundam series in their own series, there’s a growing number of fans who are also fans of all of the previous series, including the original, Mobile Suit Gundam.

So when it comes to picking the best Gundam figures to buy, it’s hard to go wrong.

In our list of the best, we’ve picked some of the most popular figures from both the original and Mobile Suit Gundams.

However, some figures, like the Gundams BGM 0091 and BGM 091, are not available outside of Japan.

That’s okay because the figures themselves are quite collectible, and you can find plenty of other figures from Gundam, Gundam 00, and Mobile Fighter G Gundam in Japan as well as overseas.

For example, we have one of our favorites, the RX-78-2 Gundam, which comes with a ton of goodies including a “Tiger” model, a special RX-80 pilot figure, a unique MG-X1 kit, and even an original HGUC figure!

You’ll also want to check out the HGUC version of the RX and the MG-G Gundam as well, which is also included in the set.

In addition to the Gundam figures, you can also find plenty more accessories and accessories sets for the various Gundam series, like mobile suits, armors, helmets, and a wide range of mobile suit sets.

Gundam fans are also very keen on the Gundam mobile suit, and have been waiting for years to get their hands on one.

It’s been quite some time since we last saw one in the series, but you can still buy the original Gundam Mobile Suit in a set from Bandai for around $4,500.

While that’s not as cheap as the new Gundam series or the new Mobile Fighter, you do get a lot of the original design elements, and the kit also includes a pair of mobile suits.

For an extra $400, you get a MG-1 mobile suit and a pair with a standard Gundam design.

Gundam Mobile Fighter Zeta is also a popular addition to this set, as it’s also available for around the same price as the original Mobile Suit ZZ.

We recommend getting the MGZ Mobile Fighter Gundam as it features a unique, high-tech design that can be a good addition to any Gundam fan’s collection.

There’s also a lot to love about the G Gundam series and the Mobile Suit series as a whole.

Both of these series are about exploring the world and exploring new worlds, which gives fans a lot more fun to explore.

In addition to Gundam, Mobile Fighter and Gundam Mobile, you also get a few other popular series, namely Mobile Suit Wing, Mobile Armor 00, Mobile Suits Gundam, and Gundam 00.

You can also get the original BGM series for around £30-$50, or the Gundam series for between £40 and £65, depending on the price of the individual kits.

In terms of the quality of the products, the Mobile Fighter series is definitely one of Gundam’s best.

It has the best quality, the best packaging, and has the most detailed models in the industry.

You get a beautiful figure of the Gundam Gundam pilot, along with a special Gundam mobile armor kit.

The Gundam series also has a few notable figures from Mobile Suit Zero, including Mobile Suit Commander Zeta, Gundam Zero Gundam, the Gundam Zero Commander Z and Mobile Zeta Gundam, as well a few figures from various other Mobile Suit entries.

In general, Gundam is a great series that fans can really get into and enjoy.

If you want to try out the latest Gundam games or the latest Mobile Suit games, this is definitely a series to check.