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How to Make a ‘Feminist’ Poster: An infographic, a template, and a primer on the art of branding

An infographic can be as simple as a chart or as complex as a series of charts.

Here are some basic rules for making a feminist poster that will get your message across and make you stand out.


Draw a Feminist Icon, or Feminist Icon Template: This will help you identify your feminist icon and create a template for your poster.


Create an Affiliation Chart: Here, you’ll define your gender, ethnicity, sexuality, and other identities.

You can use this chart to create a more detailed timeline of how you identify with your gender identity.


Draw the Poster: Now, you’re ready to start drawing your poster!

You can start by selecting a photo that you’d like to use as your poster, and drawing your icon.


Prepare for Photoshop: You’ll be able to see the original photo that inspired your icon, but also a preview of the final poster.


Create a Line Chart: Make sure your line chart is centered on the feminist icon.

For example, if you’d prefer to draw a horizontal line, you can draw a straight line instead.


Create the Poster Pattern: You can either use this template to create the poster yourself, or download the pattern from the Etsy Etsy shop.


Print Your Poster: You now have your poster ready to go!

You should print it out and then hand it out to friends or neighbors.

If you’d rather, you could print out the poster pattern and then use a printer to make the poster.


Display the Poster at Work: Now that you’ve completed your poster design, you may want to display it on your desk.

Make sure that the poster has a flat surface, so that your message will stay in place when it’s displayed.


Add Text to the Poster Image: This step is optional, but if you choose to add text to your poster image, be sure to add a text label to the left side of the image.


Post your Feminist Poster to Your Blog: You’re now ready to post your feminist poster to your blog.

Simply add a link to your post, and then share your feminist feminist poster with your friends and colleagues.