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When the Misfits made it to the top of the charts with a new album

Misfit stars Josh Homme, Nick Offerman, Josh Charles, and more have made the jump to the Billboard 200 with their new album, MisfIT: The Album, which hit number one on the Billboard charts.

The band debuted the album on April 11, 2016.

The group has now reached No. 1 on the Hot 100 for nine consecutive weeks, topping the charts for all of August.

The song “Boys,” featuring Homme and Offerman with the help of Charles, has also climbed from No. 21 to No. 3.

“Bitches,” featuring Offerman and Charles, also climbed to No, 4.

The album also includes songs such as “Million Dollar Man,” “I’m Ready,” and “The Man with the Iron Fists,” which has now climbed from Nos.

4 and 9.

“We’re so happy to have made this record, which is our first in four years, and we’re thrilled to finally be here with all of you,” Homme said in a statement to Billboard.

“The songs on this record are absolutely killer and are all incredibly touching, even if some of them don’t feel like the type of songs you might expect from a band that has a track record for being really personal and intimate.

The way we’re bringing the album to life, from the songwriting, to the arrangements, to our vocalist’s voice, it feels so right.

And I can’t wait to share it with you guys, too.”

“Bits of Gold” and “Roots” both reached the Hot 200 in 2016 and “Misfits” made it onto the Hot R&B 100 in 2017.

“Rocks” made the Hot 10 in 2017 and the Hot 40 in 2018.

The MisfITS have also earned five Billboard Hot 100 singles in 2017, including “I Am Misfited,” “Bats” and the single “Lose Yourself.”

The group will release a new record on April 29 with new material, which Homme has been writing and performing since the band broke up.

“MISFITS’ NEW ALBUM: THE ALBION ALBINETH” hits shelves on May 7, 2018.

Listen to the first song from the album below: